The number one thing every CBD brand should do for SEO

There are literally hundreds of factors that determine a CBD Brand’s success but when it comes to CBD SEO, there is one important factor that you can not afford to overlook. With the recent passing of the Farm Bill, CBD has catapulted into the spotlight as millions of consumers can legally buy CBD products online and have them shipped directly to their home. And how are all of those purchases made? These purchases are all taking place on e-commerce websites set up by CBD brands. E-commerce websites present their own set of challenges, and that is even more true in the CBD space.

One of the biggest challenges of CBD e-commerce is properly optimizing product pages. These product pages are made up of all the information about the product you are selling including images, product descriptions, ingredients and more. Optimizing these product pages is the number one thing every CBD brand should be doing to improve SEO.


CBD SEO – How to optimize your product descriptions

  1. Create original, conversion focused descriptions for each product.
  2. Perform Keyword research to determine which keywords your CBD brand should be ranking for and then use those keywords in your product descriptions.
  3. Write directly to your core customer base. If you sell CBD dog treats, then your core audience is pet owners, so make sure you are writing your descriptions as if oyu were speaking directly to them.
  4. Make sure each product description is unique and between 400 – 600 words.
  5. Feature your lab test results!
  6. Make sure you have professional images.


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