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The 3 biggest cannabis websites in the world and how they affect SEO

One of the most important things a cannabis business owner can do for SEO is to secure links on high quality websites. These links signal authority to google which improves rankings. There are millions of blogs, directories and other websites dedicated to providing information about cannabis so it can be hard to know where to start. This list gives you a good jumping off point.

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How cannabis and CBD businesses can properly check their google rankings

When we have conversations with cannabis businesses about SEO, we usually find that their main goal is to get on the first page of Google. Then we ask, “What would someone be searching for in order to find your site on the first page?” Usually that gets me a “hmm… good question” kind of response, so we’ll ask them how they are checking to see where they rank in Google. The most common answer is something like: “I just search Google for {insert my city} dispensary.”If that answer describes how you’re checking your Google ranking, this post is for you!

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The 3 keywords every cannabis brand should be ranking for

Starting a cannabis brand requires tons of planning, adherence to ever changing rules and regulations, and a crazy amount of other challenges. One of those challenges is figuring out which keywords customers might use to find your brand. Further complicating the matter, cannabis brands have to think about two separate customers; the end consumers and the retailers that bridge the gap between brands and consumers.

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