The 3 biggest cannabis websites in the world and how they affect SEO

One of the most important things a cannabis business owner can do for SEO is to secure links on high quality websites. These links signal authority to google which improves rankings. There are millions of blogs, directories and other websites dedicated to providing information about cannabis so it can be hard to know where to start. This list gives you a good jumping off point.

Leafly – You could debate that the Weedmaps sites when all put together have more traffic but both Weedmaps and Leafly are the two giants in the online traffic game. Leafly has just done a brand-new redesign of their site focusing on dispensary reviews and their strain guide. Part of the Peter Thiel empire, they are part of the Privateer Holdings family, that includes Tilray, Ease, Marley Brands, and Leafly. Originally they made a name for themselves by developing a massive strain guide and many users reviews of strains.

Securing a link on Leafly does require a bit of effort though. Depending on what kind of business you have you can either purchase a listing in their business directory or advertise your products in their marketplace. Next to organic SEO, Leafly is one of the more effective marketing channels for cannabis businesses.

Weedmaps – You could flip flop these two depending if you want to count some of Weedmaps other domains like and Their traffic has remained constant despite the plethora of negative reviews and problems the company has run into over the past 12 months. It will be a test to see if their traffic holds up when they remove all illegal operators from their map and more mapping competition comes online each day. They recently laid off 25% of their workforce to cut costs and prepare for a possible IPO.

In a very similar way to Leafly, cannabis brands can list their products in Weedmap’s brand section and Cannabis retailers can pay for a business listing. Either way a lik form weedmaps to your site is a powerful one that can play a part in a larger overall cannabis SEO strategy.

MJ BIZ DAILY – The Wall Street Journal of the cannabis space, covering news from around the globe about marijuana and cannabis legalization. After a recent funding round, they have expanded their coverage with more hires on the reporter side and covering Europe, some of Asia, and all of North America. We have found this is a great site for cannabis and CBD brands in addition to ancillary businesses. Being the 3 largest cannabis site in the world a link from thier site has the ability to both drive traffic and improve rankings, always a Win-Win!

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