SEO For CBD Brands

Dominate the market by improving rankings for important keywords customers use to search for products like yours.

The Four Steps To E-commerce SEO Success

While most SEO agencies guard their process like it's some kind of a secret we believe in working together with our clients to produce amazing results.
  • 1

    Research and Competitor Analysis

    We do extensive research to determine which 2-3 most important keywords potential customers might use to find products like yours. Once we determine the right focus keywords, we evaluate which competitors are currently ranking for those keywords and why.

  • 2

    On-Site Improvements

    Once we have determined the focus keywords we go to work on the second step, optimizing everything on your e-commerce website to include those keywords in a natural and user-friendly way to signal to search engines that your site is is closely related to the user's search query. We pay special attention to optimizing your product and category pages.

  • 3

    Off-Site Improvements

    When it comes to improving SEO for CBD E-commerce websites two of the most important factors are generating links back to your site in the form of guest posts and featured product reviews on high quality websites across the internet. We specialize in building natural, high quality back links for CBD Brands and getting their products featured in high quality product reviews!

  • 4

    Monitoring and Reporting

    We create a custom dashboard that shows you the keywords we are targeting and how your website is showing up for those keywords. We also provide monthly reporting that shows the amount of traffic generated by our efforts and we work with your development team to ensure that your e-commerce website is configured to track sales by traffic source, proving return on investment!

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At LIT Consulting we specialize in one thing and one thing only; helping CBD Brands succeed by creating and implementing an effective E-commerce SEO Strategy.

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CBD E-Commerce SEO Plans

We believe in fair, upfront pricing, and offer 3 plans to meet the needs of CBD Brands of all sizes.
CBD Start-Up
/ Per month
Low Competition
1-3 Focus Keywords
1 Product Review Per Month
1 Guest Post Per Month
Rank Tracking
Monthly Reporting
Perfect For Start-ups To Lay A Foundation For Future Success
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Medium-sized CBD Brands
/ Per month
Medium Competition
3-5 Focus Keywords
3 Product Reviews Per Month
3 Guest Posts Per Month
Rank Tracking
Monthly Reporting
Perfect For Medium-sized CBD Brands Looking To Grow
Get Started Now!
Large CBD Brands
/ Per month
High Competition
5-7 Focus Keywords
8 Product Reviews Per Month
8 Guest Posts Per Month
Rank Tracking
Monthly Reporting
Perfect For Established CBD Brands With Full Product Lines
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Frequently Asked Questions About E-commerce SEO For CBD Brands

Answers to the questions we hear the most!

What is CBD E-commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO is, put simply, the process of Optimizing an e-commerce website to rank higher in search engines. There are currently over 200 known factors that affect which pages google decides to show in search results. The most important factors are having quality content that contains the keywords you want to rank for and having multiple off-site signals such as guest posts and product reviews. Our unique service specializes in helping CBD Brands achieve both of those goals in addition to optimizing for the remaining factors!

How Do I Know If My CBD Brand Needs SEO?

When you perform a search that one of your customers might use, does your business show up? If, instead of finding your business, all you can find are you competitors then you need SEO!

In fact, unless you are the first result on the first page of results for every keyword a customer might use, then you could still benefit from SEO!

Not sure what searches a customer might use? Reach out, we can help you figure that out and do a completely free SEO Evaluation and Competition Analysis.

Why does SEO have such negative connotations?

In our experience because SEO is somewhat hard to explain to the average business owner it leaves the door open for scammers to make big promises, take their money, and never deliver.

We try to be transparent at all times and set reasonable expectations. For example we do not promise 1st page rankings, as there are way too many factors to offer a guarantee like that.

A lot of SEO companies and agencies churn through their customers, and spend most of their time selling instead of providing results. We strive to create long lasting partnerships by only taking on a select few clients so we dedicate the proper amount of resources to your project.

Why is SEO so important for CBD E-commerce businesses?

SEO is crucial for CBD Brands for a few main reasons.

  1. Google is still the biggest driver of traffic to online businesses. In fact over 90% of purchases are believed to be at least partially attributed to a google search.
  2. While many other marketing channels have restrictions on cannabis business, search engines do not.
  3. SEO, unlike Paid Advertising or Influencer Marketing, keeps on providing more and more traffic over time. While paid ads and influencer marketing stop producing ROI the second you stop running them, SEO often produces results for months and years.

How will I know if SEO is working for me?

This is a question we get asked all the time, and for good reason; who wants to pay for something unless they can tell it is working for them.

Some of the first things we do for clients is to get them set up on google analytics, install phone call tracking, and set up a rank tracking dashboard that allows clients to get real time view of their most important search engine rankings.

Once those tools are set up, we are able to track sales by traffic source which will show us an increase in organic search traffic, and prove return on investment by showing an increase in sales driven by that segment.

How long does it take to produce results with SEO?

Due to the volatile nature of search engine algorithms, it is hard to say exactly when rankings will begin to improve. Our SEO packages are carefully designed to produce results within 90 days, however oftentimes we see gradual improvements long before 90 days.

We can tell you that SEO is not a miracle cure for a bad business model, or a tool you should use if you are seeking overnight results. It is a long term process, and those that see it through will reap the benefits as they outrank their competitors who didn’t have the patience.


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